Our Taipei holiday in pictures

photo 4

We had a great time in Taipei. I would highly recommend Taiwan to anyone thinking about a holiday in Asia. It’s clean, things work like clockwork, the food is fab, there’s a a lot to see in Taipei, there are apparently great beaches (although we didn’t get to experience them as we visited in February) and great hiking and cycling spots (that we didn’t get to experience given that we have two young children). All in all, Taiwan was fab.

Although, sometimes it felt like you didn’t know which way to look or where to stand (see photo below).



The upside-down house, Huashan creative park (this isn’t photoshopped)


photo 1

The point that I want to make with this photo is not to do with road safety, but, instead, it reminds me of what my kids’ push chair used to look like when they were younger


DIY Reflexology. Walking without shoes on a pebbled footpath (photo below) was really painful. The kids nevertheless managed to walk all the way to the monument, and back, for which they received applauds from a row of spectators.  It made me think that maybe on Brighton beach they should erect signs: ‘Reflexology for free’.





We love food and drink – so there is a disproportionately high number of food related photos here. Sorry.

photo 2

A Taiwanese delicacy: Shaved ice (one portion feeds an army!)


photo 3

Din Tai Fung, and its famous xiao long bao (dumplings) – the food there was fabulous and we ate way too much!


photo 4

Fruit tea (with a foil/plastic seal over the cup), usually carried around in a plastic bag, a bit like a can of Scrumpy Jack (i.e. cider) at a music festival.


photo 2

Night Market (note the ice on the vegetables although not on the meat)


photo 3

Street food (left hand side tidbits look like something from Aliens and scared the living hell out of our 4-year old)



Menu of a seafood restaurant

photo 2

The balcony on the top floor of our hotel, which multitasked as the hotel’s kitchen!



I had never associated Taipei (or Taiwan) with art, but Taipei has a huge art scene. There were quirky arts and craft galleries everywhere! See photos below.

photo 2


photo 4


photo 1



There were some really cool graffiti in the Ximen area of the city (see photos below).

photo 3

photo 1



We also found an empty Natural History Museum. Pretty amazing for two dinosaur enthusiasts! See photos below.

photo 2


photo 1





A couple of photos of the city


Scooters in Taipei are like bicycles in Amsterdam – everyone seems to have one.

photo 3

Finally, Taipei’s most famous sight: Taipei 101, as viewed from the Elephant mountain



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12 thoughts on “Our Taipei holiday in pictures

    • Siellä oli koko talo, ja sen kaikki huoneet ylösalaisin. Lapset oli ihan innoissaan, etenkin talon vessanpöntön kanssa -seisoivat katosta roikkuvan vessanpöntön alla esittäen että sieltä tippuu kohta jotain niskaan. Vessajutut on miellä tällä hetkellä kova sana 😀

  1. Hyviä kuvia, ja ihan mahtavan kuuloinen reissu! Taiwanissa vierailu ei ollut koskaan tullut mieleenkään ennen kuin viime vuonna yliopiston kautta tutustuin taiwanilaiseen tyttöön ja nyt kuuluu kyllä ehdottomasti ihan sinne Aasia-ämpärilistan kärkikastiin. 😀

    • Joo, ennen Japaniin muuttoa ei mullekaan olisi tullut mieleen Taiwanin loma. Taiwan on kai huonosti markkinoitu Euroopassa, sillä on imago-ongelmia, tai jotain, mutta paikkana aivan huippu 🙂

    • Taiwan was great, definitely worth visiting – but then again, so is Japan, if you haven’t been here already 🙂

      Have you already submitted your thesis? When are you likely to graduate?

      • Hmmm, Japan would actually make more sense as we can easily get Fin-Japan-NZ flights – could have a holiday after my defence on our way back home!!!

        The thesis is at its final stages – just need to make publication-quality images for my last manuscript and make some final changes to the thesis. Then it’s The Boss’ turn to give his feedback after which we can finally send it off to the examiners…! Scary!!! I’m hoping we can have a combined defence/Christmas break in Finland this year!!! Fingers crossed!

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