I think that the Japanese go a bit over the top in relation to many things – not least in how they look after their dogs.

A couple of photos below – what do you think?!












photo copy



Maybe this fella is too hefty for the petite Japanese sizes – his only option is to accessorize.



Despite its appearance, this isn’t a pram (at least not for a baby)



The expression on this dog’s face! I bet s/he is thinking: Not a single ‘kawaii’ or I will chew my way out of this bloody rag and show just how kawaii I am.



6 thoughts on “The latest fashion accessory in Japan

  1. I feel sorry for most of the dogs you have pictured, since they appear to be treated more as decorative objects (or objects to be decorated) than dogs. As a dog lover (and an animal lover in general), I love to see dogs that are allowed to be dogs (with a little obedience training for their own security if they live with and around humans)!

    • Yeah, I don’t really agree with dressing dogs up in (ridiculous) outfits, but I’ve talked to some Japanese dog owners and they say that the dogs don’t mind the outfits. And that’s probably the case at least with some of those dogs, given that I know many short haired dogs back in Finland who have to wear functional outfits whenever they go outside during the cold Finnish winter. So, even though using your dog as a substitute for a child or as a decorative object is wrong, maybe the dogs do not mind the outfits too much.

  2. I’m surprised that these dogs seem to deal so well with all the costumes and stuff. My boyfriend’s parents have a sweater for their dog because their house gets pretty cold, and an hour is usually the absolute longest she will stay in that thing

    • I had two Dalmatians and they also hated their winter coats (it can get down to -30 in Finland in the winter). It seemed they’d rather freeze than wear their coats, which kind of says a lot.

  3. I took my dog to a dog park on the weekend for a run around, and about 80% of the other dogs there were dressed up! They didn’t seem to mind. I find it even more disturbing when people dress up their cats. That’s just torture!

    • Yeah, dogs in dresses/suits/jumpers etc. in Japan is such a mundane sight, they’re everywhere.

      What I find really wrong is when they try to put their dogs in a sitting position in the swings (in kids’ playgrounds) or carry them in Baby Bjorn-type slings.

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